jeudi 19 novembre 2015

The largest fire ever known

The largest Fire ever known
Occurs each Afternoon –
Discovered is without surprise
Proceeds without concern –
Consumes and no report to men
An Occidental Town,
Rebuilt another morning
To be burned down again

samedi 7 novembre 2015

Just lost when I was saved

Just lost, when I was saved !
Just felt the world go by !
Just girt me for the onset with Eternity,
When breath blew back,
And on the other side
I heard recede the disappointed tide !
Therefore, as One returned, I feel,
Odd secrets of the line to tell !
Some sailor, skirting foreign shores-
Some pale Reporter, from the awful doors
Before the Seal !
Next time, to stay
Next time, the things to see
By ear unheard-
Unscrutinized by eyes –
Next time to tarry
While the Ages steal-
Slow tramp the Centuries,
And the Cycles wheel ! (132)